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EraseZit Pencil


Whether it is adult acne, teenage blemishes, monthly breakouts, skin irritations, scrapes, or nicks from razors, the EraseZit will Hide n Help. Apply at the first sign of acne or blemish! This double duty pencil conceals your blemishes and acne scars, while protecting it with Tea Tree Oil, a natural anti-bacterial-disinfectant, and Camphor, an effective astringent and drying agent. One color fits most skin types! Just like all The Everything Pencils, this unique Blemish Protecting oil blotting formula also contains Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that resists the reoccurrence of acne, and Aloe Vera, which reduces redness and swelling. Apply under foundation, or simply alone over your blemish. Its water resistant and keeps blemishes covered all day Excellent for the whole family Natural fragrance Allergy tested and doctor approved Covers up blemishes while fighting inflammation Each pencil includes a free sharpener

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