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ClearItUP Detox Shampoo
25.4 oz.


This 100% vegan next-generation super-charged detoxifier is the ultimate rehab for color-treated hair. Special ingredients, including baking soda and Vitamins C and E, very gently cleanse and deodorize hair while removing dulling build-up, but without stripping color. Leaves hair feeling amazingly clean, soft, touchable and weightless, unlike any clarifying shampoo you've ever used and all without the use of sulfates, salts or gluten. Unleash your shiniest, most vibrant color ever. Recommended usage: Apply small amount to wet hair, massage into scalp. Leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse well. Use as often as desired, and before chemical services. Great for swimmers, athletes, or anyone needing extra clean, residue-free hair. Picture shown is the 10 oz. bottle. You are ordering the 25 oz. bottle.

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