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Spectral DNC-L Topical Treatment for Advanced Stages of Baldness
60 ml


Indicated for men with advanced baldness, Spectral DNC-L delivers the most powerful, effective and aggressive topical hair loss treatment.  In a cream base for east application without dripping, this potent formula includes research-grade minoxidil, a proprietary phytosterol-5a-reductase inhibitor to suppress the dihydrotestosterone that triggers male pattern baldness, antioxidants to detoxify free-radicals, botanicals to combat fungal colonization and reduce sebum, retinol to accelerate cell turnover, arginine as a biochemical precursor to nitric-oxide, copper peptides to repair follicles, pyrocyanidins to support epithelial and mesenchymal cells, and other clinically proven ingredients that stimulate hair growth for a complete and coordinated approach.  The use of nanosome encapsulation further boosts efficacy with improved absorption and more targeted application.

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